Eccoci, qua due chiacchiere, con una delle band più interessanti del panorama germanico. É appena uscito il loro nuovo lavoro, D’Accord, che si prospetta uno dei migliori lavori post hardcore di quest’anno

1 Fjort, a project that exist since 2012, first full work (DEMONTAGE) on November 2012 and now the second work, D’ACCORD, on March 2014, and a very long spring tour. Are you happy?

Yes, we’re very lucky to be able to do all these things. We’re really looking forward to finally play the new songs and also playing our first show in italy soon!

2 All the two works are amazing, the second album i think its something more different from Demontage, what do you think?

Thank you, we appreciate if you like it. We also think, that the new album maybe sounds a little bit different from Demontage, mainly because we took a lot more time to write it and had different influences during the time. Demontage was written in 4 months, whereas for D’accord we took about 1,5 years to write and finish it. Also we took a lot more effort in the vocals, Chris tried to scream the words in a more understandable way, to convey the message better.

3 One of the most noticeable features, are the lyrics: great attention to the quality of the texts and very particular is language, you have chosen the German, why? And tell me something about the texts, sense or others.

Thanks again, we actually put a lot of work into the lyrics. Even in the studio, Chris still worked on the lyrics every evening to make every word fit as good as possible. It’s just so much easier to express yourself in your own language, if you want to precisely describe a feeling. Some of the words we use are for example put together from other words or just new words we thought of. This way it’s much easier to convey a message, and it gives a much better feeling when playing live, because it feels as if we’re much closer to the people, emotion-wise.

4 after this great tour, you have new/others plane? Why not a Usa tour?

We will play this march/april release tour first, after that we have some festivals to play in the summer, which we’re also really looking forward to. For the future, we always want to play as much as possible and we love to see new places. If there is the opportunity to tour the USA at some point in the future, we would love to do that!

5 Your will make a show here in Italy, its the first time you will play in Italy? Are you excited?

Yes, it’s the first time in italy for us! Actually, we wanted to play in italy for a long time, it just didn’t work out yet. So we’re very happy that it’s finally happening. See you on the 1st of April in Thiene!


So we’ve finish, thanks for patience

Thanks a lot for inviting us to the interview!




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