General Lee

General Lee sono sicuramente una delle band più interessanti del panorama sludge/doom metal, protagonisti a ottobre del loro primo tour in Italia, con una data bolzanina al Papperla. A breve uscirà il loro nuovo lavoro, uno split con gli Euglena, intanto vi proponiamo l’intervista fatta ad Arnaud vocalist dei General Lee.

1General Lee, a project that exist since many years (since 2003 right?), can you make a little history of this great band?

Thanks David , I appreciate you taking the time to talk to about us.

General Lee was born more or less 12 years ago in Bethune in the North of France. The current lineup is composed of 6 members, with 3 guitarists for more chaos! I don’t know how… but 2EPs, one split with our good friends of As We Bleed and 3 albums were made : “Hannibal Ad Portas”, “Roads” and the last one ‘Raiders of the Evil Eye’ released both in CD and vinyl by the american label Play The Assassin, Basement Apes and Get A Life. Speaking about shows, we had the opportunity to share the stage in Europe and Russia with bands that we particularly appreciate, both musically and humanly, like Baroness, Cult Of Luna, Will Haven, This Will Destroy You, The Ocean, Coilguns…Great memories!

2 All your works are very amazing, but “Raiders of the Evil Eye” have something special. The sound is great and all the work is cuarte in all the details. Can you tell the course of this work?

ROTEE was a strange record to make, I mean in terms of conception. At first we didn’t actually decide to make a “real” album, after the releaase of our two first albums we wanted to change our music into a more aggressive and dark one, a bit like our second EP called “The Sinister Menace”or the split with our buddies from As We Bleed. At first, General Lee was much more rock’n’roll. The evolution of a band made that we experiment a more “contemplative” hardcore rather than a “kicking” hardcore. We got our brain wave when we played olds tracks after the release of “Roads”. We thought basically “shit, it’s so good to play music that makes us want to destroy everything”. From here, the whole band wished to express this primal energy that was missing. I don’t know if it is our best album but it is definitely the most spontaneous, and the one that can describes us the best.Making this record has really bound us together, and has given us a huge motivation to write some news tracks. Some people will always prefer the melodic and progressive side of the first albums, but I think that ROTEE has surprised some others, who didn’t expected anymore to hear fury and rock’n’roll from General Lee .So here we are, stoked that everything is going fine after all these years.

3 We think that this are great years for you kind of music. Sludge/doom metal is living a great period, but of course now you’re an established band in the landscape, what do you think of the others bands?Have they influenced ?

There’s a bouch of amazing bands like Celeste, Year of no light, Coilguns, Cortez, Amenra, Hessian…Impossible to list them all. I stay a huge fan of Amen, Casey Chaos’s voice is awesome!

4 The name General Lee is very original, is a story behind?

It was named after the name of the American car driven by those crazy red neck of the 80’s TV show “Dukes of Hazard”. It was the fruit of a saturday night brainstorming, maybe too much alcoholised… I guess…

5 We see you record a spit whit Euglena, other amazing bands, that had some show here in italy this winter. Why a split whit Euglena, tell us something of this project.

As we speak, we are in studio to record two brand new tracks for the split with the chaotic dudes of Euglena.We are so proud to share this release with this mind-blowing band.The music is almost recorded and I’m working now the vocals and lyrics before returning in the studio next week. It’s a huge challenge to me cause the new material is by far the most destructive we ever done. Be sure my throat will bleed and expect the unexpected…The split will be released on february by Basement Apes and a bunch of cool foreign labels in transparent white 10-inch and by Silenceless Records in limited edition hand numbered Tape,

6 Future project after the release of the split?

We planned to work on a fourth album in few months but now it’s time to travel, play on stages, avoid guitar blows, and have fun with friends, it’s like summer vacations! Our priorities are to tour over Europe and to come back to Russia. and Italy where we had a blast! We take so much pleasure to play live and I think the audience can feel it

We want of course to thank all the people who follow us, for their messages and for coming up at our shows. It’s always a pleasure to meet people from around the globe, and linked by music. So check your local venues, we might come near your town to play some nasty rock’n’roll!

Many thanks for the interview


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