Parlare di Jugoslavia nella maggior parte di noi fa venire a galla i ricordi di una guerra non lontana, le ferite sono dure da guarire e ancor di più quelle impresse nella mente. Questo vuole essere un piccolo report, su una realtà sconosciuta ai più ma che merita di essere raccontata, la storia di un gruppo di ragazzi che in pochi anni ha creato un punto di riferimento nel panorama musicale europeo. Un piccolo tributo a chi ha saputo tirare fuori il meglio in una realtà putroppo ancora difficile

1 Hi Jasmin before the interview, i think could be nice to have some info about you and your activity whit Comrade Booking, the story of this booking and all what you want to say.

Hey David my good man! Of course! We started Comrade Booking in mid July 2012 and then introduced a punk festival to take place the same year in October. The festival was pretty big, but nonetheless we thought we will just do that one festival and that is it. The festival passed and it was so good that we decided that we will be doing event management more from then on. After the festival we booked pretty much everything we can get our hands on, and in early March we booked our first big band package. After that we booked 3 more big bands and decided that we will be a real 100 % event management organisation.

2 You live in Sarajevo, it often happens that people associate this city whit the War of 1992-1995, is something still present?

I don’t blame people associating Sarajevo and Bosnia with the Bosnian war of 1992 – 95, because it is a thing everyone should full well know. Yes, a lot is still present, first of which is post traumatic stress disorder shaking the country. In every post – war (95/6 – onwards) class in elementary school there are at least 3 kids left without one, or even both parents (but mostly without the father) due to war. Even today kids sometimes loose their father in certain cases of post traumatic stress disorder, a condition that must never be left untreated. I think one third of the country is full of structures that are devastated 100 %, and some which are still hosts to many many bullet holes and backyards full of buried weapons from the 92 war and even WWII for some reason. There are still some minefields left untouched, and I even think we are the leading country in the number of land mines in Europe at least. I remember 5 years after the war people being constantly (mostly kids) killed by land mines, so the conclusion to this story can be brought down to a simple: “Yes” – war horrors are still present, but the country is sufficiently rebuilt and now we have everything a normal country has, only with more graves of the innocent elderly, really young kids (2000 kids were killed in the siege of Sarajevo), women and mostly graves of young adults and middle aged men that defended the city and country. War knows no boundaries or ages. Do not ever support any war, because you are automatically supporting extreme rape, murder, pillage, torture, execution, demolition and misery.

3 i think that not a lot of people have a detailed idea of your reality, how does it go whit music in you area? Have music a great attention? What are problems, proably are the same of italy.

Before the war Sarajevo was the host of the Winter Olympics 1984 and was an important stop for every big band and musician. After the war that has changed a bit, but in the last 10 years it is going much better than anyone expected. Here, the metal / punk / hc scene had to be rebuilt from its foundations and so far, thanks to hardcore booking agencies that were present from the early 00s bigger hc/punk/metal bands started coming down. It is of 2013 that I can say that Sarajevo has the scene it deserves, with a variety of different acts and shows. Before my booking started to work other shows were mostly old school hardcore and metal, and my agency concentrates on more of a modern and extremely underground music (at least for this region it is underground hehe).

4 you make a lot of nice show, with a lot of different band and this summer whit one of the most important hardcore/metalcore band, Parkway Drive. Can you make the “story” of this event or tell us something nice about the show.

In early March 2013 I booked my heroes Parkway Drive. That was my first big show and my first huge band I hosted. Little did I know that things will get even more crazy, because I received an email that Veil of Maya and Antagonist A.D will be following Parkway in this run and that all three bands want to play in Bosnia. Of course I hosted the show for all of them and me and the rest of my crew had the night of our lives. The nicest thing I can say about these truly good people coming here is the fact that we all were expecting a bit more than 150 people. Parkway knew their fan base isn’t big here, but they came nonetheless and had a true surprise when they seen a venue FULL of crazy fans that were waiting for years for them to come. The night was just magnificent and we didn’t expect so many people in our dreams. All three bands consist of good people, who really enjoyed Sarajevo and Bosnia and all of them (especially Veil of Maya) said a couple of times that they liked the show so much that they will personally make sure they return. This year is marked with Parkway Drive for their fans in Sarajevo, who are infinitely happy they decided to visit our forsaken little city.

5 We hope that Comrade Booking will work for a lots of year, do you want to tell us the project of the future?

So far we have worked with Parkway Drive, Veil of Maya, The Ocean, Tides from Nebula, Thell Barrio, Orphaned Land, Klone, Odd Crew, Consecration, Šank?!, Dorena and many many more in this year alone. Future shows are of course still unknown to the larger public, but I can say that we will host small, big and huge hardcore, punk and metal shows for everyone that is not narrow minded and limited to one musical genre (which sucks) and who is willing to be a part of the constant building of this little scene of ours.


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